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Rachel Lee
Class of 2018
Apart from furthering strategic thinking and management capabilities, I was looking for a MBA programme that offers a network of students and alumni from all walks of life
Martin Newell
Class of 2018
Even though the workload was challenging, the overall experience was very rewarding and my classmates and professors motivated me to do better.
Gina Lu
Class of 2018
The flexibility of HKU MBA part time programme allows me to continue focusing on developing my career while studying
Sherry Ye
Class of 2018
In the time that I have been at HKU, I am confident that I have already advanced my knowledge of business as much as I expected to
Anson Lee
Class of 2018
The HKU MBA programme has proved itself in helping me to broaden the scope of my knowledge and in paving a professional path for me. I am sure that the decision to pursue an MBA at HKU is a treasure for a lifetime
Alice Gu
Class of 2018
I believe the HKU MBA course will not only provide me with a great overview of the business world and equip me with finance and accounting knowledge, but also enhance my strategic thinking, financial awareness and managerial attitude, all of which will be of great value to my career and personal development
Peter Gillespie
Class of 2018
Completing an MBA has been a career aspiration with the goal of expanding and polishing my management skills and lighting a fire under my entrepreneurial spirit
Ronald Leung
Class of 2018
HKU MBA has strong rankings and word of mouth reputation from the senior management of listed companies, financial institutions and multinational corporations that I was personally engaged with
Edmund Wa
Class of 2018
As a part time student doing a full time job, it’s difficult to strike a life balance, but with all the teamwork, collaboration and, most importantly, the fun we have enjoyed throughout the programme, all the effort I have put in has been made worthwhile
Giuliana Auinger
Class of 2017
The HKU MBA experience was a fantastic one and it helped me both professionally and personally.