Full-time MBA

Mentorship Programme

Mentors and Mentees meet as often as possible, depending on their schedules.

The Mentorship Programme aims to match senior industry executives with students for the purpose of relationship and network building. Students can benefit from the Mentorship Programme tremendously, as Mentors are able to provide guidance and advice to students, as well as share relevant information with them regarding particular industry sectors.
Testimonials from Mentors / Mentees
Savio Kwan (Mentor)
Partner and CEO, A&K Consulting; Non-Executive Director, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund and Crossborder Innovative Ventures International; Independent Non-Executive Director, British American Tobacco; Former President and COO, Alibaba Group; Former Senior Business Leader, GE Medical SE Asia & China, Hong Kong

I have been on the HKU MBA Mentorship Programme as a mentor for a number of years and I found my mentees highly motivated and are high quality individuals without any exception.

Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge and learning experience set them apart and I really enjoyed my interactions with them and have learnt a lot from such regular encounters.

I am very happy to have had the chance to share my experience with them during their MBA Programme, and have even caught up with some of them in London when they were on their exchange at LBS. I have also kept up with some of them after their graduation and am happy to see how they have flourished and developed after their HKU MBA Programme.
Milind Kamble (Mentor)
Head of Delivery and Operations, Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific, Hong Kong

Mentoring is such a noble act, taking teaching to the next level. With HKU MBA, it gave me the opportunity to benefit from it.

The CDT team made it structured and the student who I am mentoring is one of the best and motivated young professionals that I have come across. She made me think and her positive energy and willingness to learn reinforced my belief in mentoring.

In the past, good mentors have helped me reach where I am today. I wish this program continues and many more get to see things in a different perspective from mentors’ lenses.
Blake Larson (Mentor)
Managing Director, Lalamove, Hong Kong

I've had the privilege of participating as a mentor for the last several years. Through this time, I've had the opportunity to meet with students from a wide range of nationalities and professional experiences. Although it's been a few years since I completed my MBA, it's been a great pleasure to remain connected to the energy found in a university via a very diverse and capable group of people.

The opportunity to engage with the HKU MBA students has offered me the chance to share what I wish I knew going through the experience. Coming from a fast changing and growing tech business, my mentees have been a great source of perspective, knowledge and energy that reinforces to me the value that an MBA experience has in shaping future leaders.
Edith Shih (Mentor)
Head Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Hong Kong

The HKU MBA Mentorship Programme is one that is beneficial to both the mentee and the mentor. As a mentor, I have met interesting mentees from different parts of the world and got to know them in different aspects of their lives: their objective of attending the MBA Programme, and their plans and aspirations in both their personal and professional journey.

My mentees continue to reach out to me even after graduation to share their adventures and challenges with me. I value sharing their growth and learning process, and I hope the journey is of benefit to them too.
Lucas Junyuan Yu, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: VP of Business Development and General Manager Special Assistant (Corporate Strategy), Kersen Science & Technology, Jiangsu, China
Mentor: John Levack, Managing Director, Electra Partners Asia Limited, Hong Kong; Vice Charmain of Hong Kong Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HKVCA), Hong Kong

Thanks to the HKU MBA Mentorship Programme, I was introduced to John, who is a Private Equity veteran. He is a seasoned professional in the field, who offered me insights about how things run locally here in Hong Kong.

I am inspired by his career path, and his stories give me confidence on the choices I have made regarding my career and life. His introduction makes it easy for me to expand my network, especially within a new region.

Rohan Morbia, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Head of Sales and Operation, Syna Enterprise, Mumbai, India
Mentor: Blake Larson, Managing Director, Lalamove, Hong Kong

Blake prepared me for the Business Lab pitch on the very first face-to-face meeting with him. Blake has always been approachable and has shared with me valuable insights on Leadership. He asked me to approach job interviews with humility, grit, passion, and execution and since then, it has been my approach to job interviews as well as life.

My mentor-mentee relationship with Blake has been a key take away from HKU MBA and I will always nurture this relationship with Mr. Blake Larson.

José Manuel Rodriguez Moreno, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Co-Founder and General Manager of Momentum, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Mentor: Savio Kwan, Partner and CEO, A&K Consulting; Non-Executive Director, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund and Crossborder Innovative Ventures International; Independent Non-Executive Director, British American Tobacco; Former President and COO, Alibaba Group; Former Senior Business Leader, GE Medical SE Asia & China, Hong Kong

One of the most valuable things through my MBA experience has been meeting and chatting with my mentor. Savio is one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met.

The Mentorship Programme has been an invaluable tool for my career. Being able to talk and get advice from such an inspiring leader is something that I will cherish throughout my life. Savio is the kind of leader that knows how to empower individuals, and he has highlighted over and over again to never forget to believe in myself.

Fei Liu, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Quality Control Associate, Boehringer Ingelheim, Fremont, USA
Mentor: Andrew Hexter, Vice President and General Manager, Gilead Sciences, Hong Kong

I am very lucky and blessed to have Andrew as my mentor. His openness to share his own experiences and insights is remarkable. Throughout the time, he has been giving me useful advices on career path, course selections and even on how to strike a balance between work and life.

Aakriti Jain, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Regional Key Accounts Executive, Jet Airways, Chennai, India
Mentor: Milind Kamble, Head of Delivery and Operations, Tata Consultancy, Hong Kong

I am very grateful to have had Mr. Milind Kamble as my mentor. Milind has been very patient and understanding to help me shape my career path. He helped me understand my strengths and how to leverage them and my precious experiences to explore new career paths.

Values and passion are key to success in any career path, and it's important to build on them. Mentors come with years of experience in the field and have deep rooted values to be able to understand their mentees, and having this interaction has been a highlight in my HKU MBA journey.

David Anthony Gray, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Director of China Operations, Shaw Healthcare Group, Shanghai, China
Mentor: Edith Shih, Executive Director, CK Hutchinson Holdings, Hong Kong

I was very lucky to be assigned Edith Shih, Executive Director of CK Hutchinson Holdings Limited, one of Hong Kong’s largest and most well-known companies.

When I started the Mentorship Programme, I knew that I really needed some guidance as to the next steps in my career and how to prosper in the Hong Kong job market. Edith was able to offer her insights as to what I could consider, as well as help coach me in how to better succeed in the jobs that I was already applying for.

The Mentorship Programme is flexible and allowed us to connect at times when it was most suitable and when I needed Edith’s input the most.

Brad Jones, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Founder and Director of Jones Properties, Los Angeles, USA
Mentor: Harjeet Baura, Partner, PwC, Hong Kong

I was very lucky to be paired up in my mentorship with Harjeet. We immediately fell into fast conversation on our first meeting as I laid out some of the struggles I was having in my job search and job discovery process. We both took a long-term view to mentorship, which I would suggest other students do by talking openly with their mentors about their expectations for the mentorship.

I think part of the reason this happened is that Harjeet and I are not exactly alike in our careers. While it seems like it would be great to have a mentor who is exactly where you want to be, in hindsight, I think it has been even better to have someone mentoring me who is slightly removed from where I am trying to get to. The insights have been even better!

Pankaj Virulkar, Class of 2020 (Mentee)

Pre-MBA: Business Manager, Knack Systems, Pune, India
Mentor: Harjeet Baura, Partner, PwC, Hong Kong

Mr. Harjeet Baura, Partner at PwC Hong Kong, is my mentor. Because of his background and extensive experience, he brought an additional perspective to my understanding about the digital ecosystem and APAC market. From him, I learned how to effectively utilize existing skills to our strength, strategize the job hunt process, and establish long-term professional relationships within the industry.

Harjeet also shared learnings from his vast experience. I was introduced to him, while my internship at PwC was going on. His insights and suggestions helped me further establish my network at PwC.