Full-time MBA

Recruiting from HKU MBA

Recruiting from HKU MBA means access to a world-class international talent pool. Our Career Development and Training Team work closely with corporate and recruiting partners looking to build brand awareness and engage with our MBA students.

  • Profile Book – MBA Profile Book is annually produced and shared with our corporate partners to showcase each MBA student’s diverse pre-MBA background and work experiences. It will be available in both hard copy and soft copy versions upon the request of the corporate partners who are seeking to recruit MBA talents.
  • On-Campus Recruitment – We host a number of companies on campus each year for company information sessions, where students network with prospective employers and to learn first-hand about each company.
  • Business Treks – We offer Business Treks, where students can gain unique insights into a number of companies, through visits across various industries.
  • Industry Sharing Talks – We host a number of industry sharing talks, where senior leaders can present on a wide range of topics to allow students to gain an in-depth understanding of a specific industry.
  • Internships / Corporate Projects – We work collaboratively with corporate partners wanting to engage with our MBA students for internships and corporate projects, where our students can gain tremendous knowledge and valuable work experience.

For corporate and recruiting partners wanting more information about our students and the MBA Programme, please get in touch with our Career Development and Training Team.

Email: mbacareers@hku.hk
Phone: (852) 3962 1223