Full-time MBA

China Immersion Programme

The China Immersion Programme is designed to reinforce academic theory taught in the classroom through experiential learning delivered via company visits, executive talks and cultural immersion in Mainland China. Students will interact with business leaders at leading Chinese firms and managers at multinationals, which will provide them with a holistic view of local business practices. The programme will also provide opportunities for students to interact with Chinese companies, learn about their business challenges and explore their recruitment processes and talent acquisition needs.

Students start learning about Hong Kong’s business environment upon their arrival at HKU, then experience the Greater Bay Area during the first China Immersion week in the autumn after their first term. Finally, after finishing their final core course, they will end the China Immersion Programme in Beijing. Students will learn about the vast diversity of China’s economy as well as the cultural differences between China’s north and south. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the local cultures of each region and the influence local culture plays on society, through group tours and cultural events.
The China Immersion Programme will further provide opportunities for students to bond with their classmates outside of the classroom and to connect with current PT MBA students living and working in the GBA and alumni across China.

Class of 2020 visited Schneider Electric in Beijing - July 2019
Class of 2020 visited the Headquarter of Didi Chuxing Technology Co which locates in Beijing - July 2019