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HKU MBA Insights

Mohan Ramola - Project Management
13 Jan 2022
In this episode, we sit down with Mohan Ramola recently graduated from the Full-time MBA Class of 2021 who has over 12 years of diverse experience in scaling and implementing value-driven projects across six countries in the Asia Pacific and the US market.

He will share his insights and expertise in project management.
Teddy Liu - Career Development in the Post-COVID-19 Environment
22 Nov 2021
In this episode, we sit down with part-time MBA alumnus Teddy Liu, to learn about career development in the post-COVID-19 environment, including workforce changes and trends, career development strategy, and adapting to the “new normal”.

Teddy has an impressive portfolio of work experience in the real estate industry. He has strong business and professional experience, network, and expertise, especially in People Development and Talent Management.

Anirudha Bopche – Telecommunication Industry Opportunities and Challenges
8 Oct 2021
In today's episode, we sit down with part-time MBA alumnus Anirudha Bopche to learn about the opportunities and challenges in the telecommunication industry.

The telecom industry plays a vital role in retaining competitiveness in the era of electronic commerce, so let’s explore the key trends which have influenced the evolution of this industry.

Wenjing Li - Financial Crime Compliance Strategy
27 Aug 2021
In today's episode, we discuss Financial Crime Compliance Strategy with full-time MBA (Class of 2014) alumna Wenjing Li. Wenjing has over 12 years of expertise in financial crime, anti-money laundering and overall financial industry having worked at corporates such as Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank. 

Let's dig deeper into the definition of financial crime as well as prevention measurements & strategies companies must take to reduce the risks of financial crime.

Daniel Epstein - Creative Production & Content Strategy
10 Aug 2021
In today's podcast episode, we sit down with current part-time student Daniel Epstein. He is currently working as the Creative Production Lead for one of the biggest media companies and has extensive years of experience developing commercial and editorial content creation.

Let us explore the role and strategy of creative production, trends, and challenges faced within the creative industry and tips on developing content that stands out.

Pranab Sarkar - Global Macroeconomic Outlook
12 Jul 2021
In today's podcast episode we welcome full-time MBA alumnus (class of 2018) Pranab Sarkar. He is currently working at SBI Capital Market as a Manager in the Debt Capital Market and previously worked in various departments, such as SME/Retail Operations and Treasury at the State Bank of India for over 10 years.

Today, he will share his views on the global economic outlook given the pandemic and its factor analysis, including the Federal Reserve's role in the United States.

Brady Shwartz - Indoor Environment Management
29 Jun 2021
In this podcast episode, we are joined by our full-time graduate Brady Shwartz (class of 2019). Brady is currently working at Pureliving, a leading indoor environmental consulting company as an Operations Supervisor.

Today, we will learn about the importance of indoor environment management and some of the solutions and risk mitigations in improving health quality.

Kritika Kumar - Innovation Strategies For Large Companies
8 Jun 2021
In this podcast episode we sit with full-time MBA alumna Kritika Kumar (class of 2016) to talk about how big companies can innovate like a start-up?

She has immense experience working for large companies such as CLP Group, Infosys Consulting, Schneider Electric, and Moody’s.

Today, she will share her insights on innovation strategy for large companies including challenges and risks faced when integrating innovation into the company's structure and design.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno - Multiculturalism and Diversity
24 May 2021
We sit down in today's podcast episode with our full-time MBA alumnus, Jose Moreno to discuss the subject of Multiculturalism and Diversity.

Jose has studied and worked in 7 different regions and will share insights around the topics of

-what does multicultural diversity mean?

-values and benefits that diversity brings to someone as an individual

-best strategies for promoting and implementing diversity in the workplace etc. 

Michelle Chan - Will Virtual Banks and FinTech shake up banking?
3 May 2021
Today we sit down with part-time MBA graduate (class of 2005) Michelle Chan to talk about the future of virtual banks and FinTech. Michelle has over 20 years of strong experience in Telecom, FinTech and Virtual Bank industries. She currently works as a Director of Marketing, Business Development & Innovation at Livi Bank, the largest virtual bank in Hong Kong.