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Kritika Kumar - Innovation Strategies For Large Companies
8 Jun 2021
In this podcast episode we sit with full-time MBA alumna Kritika Kumar (class of 2016) to talk about how big companies can innovate like a start-up?

She has immense experience working for large companies such as CLP Group, Infosys Consulting, Schneider Electric, and Moody’s.

Today, she will share her insights on innovation strategy for large companies including challenges and risks faced when integrating innovation into the company's structure and design.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno - Multiculturalism and Diversity
24 May 2021
We sit down in today's podcast episode with our full-time MBA alumnus, Jose Moreno to discuss the subject of Multiculturalism and Diversity.

Jose has studied and worked in 7 different regions and will share insights around the topics of

-what does multicultural diversity mean?

-values and benefits that diversity brings to someone as an individual

-best strategies for promoting and implementing diversity in the workplace etc. 

Michelle Chan - Will Virtual Banks and FinTech shake up banking?
3 May 2021
Today we sit down with part-time MBA graduate (class of 2005) Michelle Chan to talk about the future of virtual banks and FinTech. Michelle has over 20 years of strong experience in Telecom, FinTech and Virtual Bank industries. She currently works as a Director of Marketing, Business Development & Innovation at Livi Bank, the largest virtual bank in Hong Kong.
Syed Musheer Ahmed (Episode 2) - FinTech Industry in Hong Kong and Asia
21 Apr 2021
We return to the HKU MBA Insights podcast with the 2nd episode featuring full-time alumnus, Syed Musheer Ahmed

In the 1st episode we talked about Musheer’s MBA and career journey transitioning from investment management to FinTech. In today’s episode we will deep dive into the growth of FinTech Industry in Hong Kong and Asia as the ecosystem is growing rapidly

Syed Musheer Ahmed (Episode 1)- Career Transformation from Investment Management to FinTech Industry
7 Apr 2021
In today's episode, we invite Syed Musheer Ahmed to talk about his career transformation from the Investing/Trading industry into FinTech.

Musheer is a full-time alumnus from the class of 2015. He is the founder & MD of Finstep Asia, and co-founder and board member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong. 

In this 1st episode, he shares his insights and experiences about transforming one's career from financial services into FinTech and the skill-sets required for someone to build a career in this industry. Join us in the 2nd episode where we explore and learn about the growth of the Fintech industry in Hong Kong & Asia.

Patricia Chen - Strategy in Financial Services Industry
8 Mar 2021
In this episode, we meet with our part-time alumna Patricia Chen from the class of 2019. She is currently working as a Head of Strategist in Hang Seng Qianhai Fund based in China

She will be giving us insights on what the role of a strategist entails, strategy formulation, and how to develop a strategy within the China market.

Amy Hau - Effective Stakeholder Management
23 Feb 2021
In today's podcast episode, we discuss Effective Stakeholder Management with Amy Hau. Amy is our part-time alumna (Class of 2019) and has 10 years of experience within the finance industry across Hong Kong and Canada.

She shares with us her insights and experiences about stakeholder management including the principles and techniques for effective stakeholder management as well as personal tips and advice.

Priscilla Chan - Women in Leadership
10 Feb 2021
In this episode, we meet with our part-time alumna Priscilla Chan from the class of 2005. She is Founder and Director of her own company, Speakers Connect and China Speakers Agency. 

She will share with us her journey and how she has developed her career over time, giving advice to future women leaders. 

William Akers - Business Expansion Strategy for SMEs in Asia Pacific Region
25 Jan 2021
In this podcast episode, we meet with William Akers, an HKU MBA full-time graduate of 2011. He has over 10 years of experience working in the financial data & information industry and currently works at NetRoadShow as Head of APAC.

He shares with us insights from his experience of developing business expansion strategies for SMEs in the region and its challenges.

Ada Kung - How to make Corporate Training more effective?
15 Jan 2021
In this podcast episode, we meet with Ada Kung, an HKU MBA part-time graduate of 2020. She has over 10 years of experience in Corporate Learning and Career Development in the Customer Service Industry.

She shares with us of her insights and experience within corporate training including the following topics: Developing Training Strategy & Programme Design, Effective Training Methodology and Challenges and Opportunities faced during the current pandemic environment.