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HKU MBA Alumni Commentary

Sarah Atiq (Class of 2021)
Influencer Marketing
Naoko Takeshita (Class of 2021)
3 secrets to building self-discipline and excelling in life
Yeonjin Jennie PARK (Class of 2021)
Cosmetics Industry Outlook: Future of K-Beauty
Sakshi Gulati (Class of 2020)
To Be a Micromanager or to Be a Leader – A Choice Every Manager Has to Make!
Ryan Jang (Class of 2019)
Luxury after COVID-19: New trends that will reshape the industry
Erika Yao (Class of 2021)
The Meaning of Gaming
Karl Li (Class of 2019)
As an entrepreneur, what are the opportunities and challenges of starting a business in Hong Kong?
David Deka (Class of 2021)
Is your organisation ready to work with Millennials?
Tanuj Bathla (Class of 2017)
Will Ed-Tech continue to surge post pandemic?
Jack Shi (Class of 2021)
Business Culture - East vs West