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Matthew Heung
Class of 2020
If I had to summarise my HKU MBA experience in one sentence, I would use this Chinese proverb: A small spark can start a big fire
Pakki Chan
Class of 2020
Bonus to the knowledge I have learnt from the programme, my biggest gains were the growth mindset, the new habit of improving every single day and the courage to make changes in my life.
Will Yu
Class of 2019
For me, choosing to study my MBA at HKU Business School was straight forward. HKU Business School has a global reputation and is one of the oldest institutions in the world, so it is unquestionably well-regarded.
Shahvir Carnac
Class of 2019
When I was deciding on a school for the MBA, HKU stood out not only because it was one of the best in Asia but also cause the program was not geared solely towards a specific industry such as finance. It has the flexibility of being able to tailor your MBA journey the way you deemed fit and select electives which could gear you towards a specific industry or give a well-rounded MBA experience
Amy Hau
Class of 2019
I must say I especially enjoyed classes taught by industry experts, who shared the latest and most current trends and best practices in the workplace, both in the local and global environment.
Sahil Talwar
Class of 2019
Once you are in, grab every opportunity available during your HKU MBA journey. The friends, connections and networks you build during your time at HKU are assets that will support you throughout your life both professionally and personally. These are lifelong relationships!
Royce Chow
Class of 2019
Everyone has different reasons for pursuing an MBA. My journey started when I wanted to become more business driven and change my profile appearance to be more well-rounded. The knowledge you gain through an MBA is invaluable and I was able to take everything I learnt in the classroom and apply it to a real work environment.
Samantha Pei
Class of 2019
The HKU MBA Programme has enabled me to think outside the box
Siri Avayou
Class of 2019
For those looking to do a part-time MBA I would give them the following advice: you have to commit. It is a very challenging 2 year programme and there will be days when you will question yourself, but you must always remember the aspiration of why you are doing it. It gives you the drive to continue, focus and succeed. In the end, it is rewarding and you will see the transformation.
Renée Lau
Class of 2019
Being a marketing professional, I wanted to round out my skill set and HKU MBA equipped me with practical knowledge in accounting, finance and economics, as well as different aspects of management, leadership and entrepreneurship